Why is Wool Knitting So Fashionable?

One of the most classic styles of wool knitting is the jumper or blanket knit, and it has been around for hundreds of years. This style is typically made from natural fibers like Cashmere and Alpaca, and it can be knitted into a wide variety of sizes and fabrics. One thing that sets this type of knitting apart from other types is the fact that all of the natural fibers used in the knitting are woven together using fewer strands of each fiber, making it easier to create a high quality piece that will last.

There are a couple of reasons why wool knitting tends to be better for you than most other types of clothing. Natural fibers like cashmere and alpaca are softer and warmer than synthetics, which is one of the reasons that wool is such an effective heat insulation. Additionally, natural fibers don’t get damaged as easily as synthetic materials, meaning that wool knitting tends to last longer than some other types of clothing. While you will find that cheaper synthetic clothing tends to wear out very quickly, wool clothing is a durable, long lasting investment that will keep you comfortable for many seasons.

Another advantage of wool fibers compared to other types of clothing is that they are more durable. Many of the natural fibers in knitting aren’t man-made, so they have a much longer life span than many man-made fibers do. Cashmere, alpaca, and even Merino wool fibers can last for twenty years or more without losing their beauty and softness, which mean that a sweater or blanket knit can be a timeless wardrobe essential for many decades.

Since wool knitting is made with natural fibers, you are avoiding the chemicals that are often used in other types of clothing manufacture. These chemicals can irritate your skin, which can make you sensitive to the fabric. It’s important to choose wool yarn over other options, because wool is naturally antibacterial, which can help to reduce the number of irritations you experience while wearing wool clothing. This can benefit anyone with sensitive skin, whether they have allergies or not.

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One other advantage of wool knitting is that it is extremely warm. It can keep you warm in the winter and cooler in the summer, and cashmere and alpaca wool is especially renowned for keeping people warm in the winter. Cashmere is also popular as an athletic wear because of the incredible comfort that it provides. While cashmere is commonly used as winter gear, alpaca wool is equally at home in warm weather because it is flame resistant, wind proof, and lightweight.

With all of these advantages, it is easy to see why wool knitting is quickly becoming a favorite fashion trend. If you haven’t considered wool clothing for yourself or loved one, you should really get out there and give it a try. The clothing industry is seeing more consumers move toward wool clothing, which makes wool sweaters, coats, hats, and accessories very popular right now. Just imagine what the future could hold for wool knitters. You could soon be walking on beach vacation in your stylish wool socks!