Termite Inspection – Why You Should Get Your Foundation inspected

Many people ask us about the importance of having a Termite Inspection performed on their home. The purpose of this article is to provide you with some of the information that you should know when it comes to this particular type of inspection. A Termite Inspection is very important for several reasons. We are going to explain these reasons to you below.

First of all, an inspection of the Termite Inspection will help ensure that you prevent damage to your home if a termite infestation occurs. When you find termites in your house, they will often cause severe damages to the interior as well as the exterior walls of the house. When you conduct a Termite Inspection, prepare your house for the inspection by digging around the foundation and outside your house to check for places where the termites have access to the ground. Anything that you have kept under your sinks, in the bathroom and kitchen need to be removed from your house so the inspector can inspect your water supply for possible Termite Activity.

In addition, a Termite Inspection will help you with the prevention of future termite problems. If you were to do nothing to prevent the future invasion of termites, you would soon have a whole new Termite Village built in your yard, right? By having a termite inspection done, you will have the knowledge that there is termite control in action. The reason is that termites are drawn to water. In order to prevent the further destruction of your home by these pesky insects, the first step is to identify where the water supply is coming from.

The next step is to use a Termite Treatment product to get rid of those pesky critters. There are several products on the market for this purpose, such as, Dril, Sentricon, Liquid Terminex and other chemicals to name a few. While some of these products work better than others, you can expect them to take some time before they are effective, and that is something that you don’t want to have to deal with when it is time to actually use the Termite Inspection for termite treatment. If you had the Termite Inspection done before you started applying any chemicals, then you know ahead of time which product to use when.

Once you know that you are looking at possible Termite Problems, it’s time to get to the source. You will want to dig around the outside of your home looking for cracks in the ground that may be creating an entry for the wood destroying organisms. If you find such cracks or other access points, you will then need to seal them up with a Termite Treatment product to keep the termites out. You can have the inspection done by a pest control company as well to make sure that no other conditions conducive to the growth of these pests exist.

When you first get the Termite Inspection done, there will be some areas that will need to be dug up. The inspector will explain to you what you can expect as far as problems with the Termite Inspection in those areas, so you can be prepared for what will occur. Once the areas have been inspected, a report will go back to the office and you can continue with the application of Termite Treatment products. The inspectors are very experienced in their job and are skilled at finding the cracks and access points and sealing them so that further wood destroying insect infestations won’t be able to come into the structure.

The Termite Inspectors looks at the structure of the foundation as part of their Termite Inspection process. In the event that there is an active infestation, the inspectors look for signs that indicate the presence of such an infestation including, but not limited to, cracks, depressions, or any type of abnormal behavior with the foundation. The inspectors also look for cracks in the walls, windows, doors, ceilings, and flooring. They look for cracks in the plumbing, roofing, insulation, and any other type of construction material.

There are several ways that you can assure yourself that you are getting the best service by hiring a Termite Inspector. First, as I mentioned before, the inspectors are skilled at finding signs of infestations and seal them so that further infestations can’t come into the structure. Also, in order to ensure that you will be getting a good Termite Inspection, hire a company that uses modern equipment. Modern equipment means better accuracy, less wasted energy, and faster service.