Real estate property refers to any type of property that is bought

Real estate includes any land or building used as a place of residence or a place for business, with the exception of structures designed for specific functions (such as offices, shops or hospitals), and any improvements connected thereto. The word real estate also includes any improvements made to real estate, including any improvements made to the structure of the real estate itself. In general, real estate refers to any real property that may be purchased, either by the owner of the real estate, or by a person acquiring such ownership through lending, bequest, inheritance or devise of value.

The purchase of real estate property is generally done through a broker. Brokers are individuals who work as independent sales agents for real estate agencies or developers, acting as representatives between buyers and sellers. Most brokers can be represented by one or more firms or professionals. These include attorneys, brokers, title companies, mortgage brokers, surveyors and others. There are various types of real estate property available on today’s market: residential property types, commercial property types, manufactured homes and vacant land. Residential property is available for purchase on the open market, while commercial property is usually purchased through leasing or lease agreement negotiations.

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For office space, there are two types of available office space: one tenant offices and two tenant offices. One tenant offices are typically small, privately owned offices that contain only one or two rooms, offering services like telephone, fax and/or cable TV; internet access; and parking. Two tenant offices are typically large office buildings with many rooms, offering services like phone, fax and television; internet access; and parking. Vacant land can be developed into commercial real estate property for the development of office space, which can be leased to tenants for daily use.