Difference Between Managed and Onsite Computer Support

Computer support and services, also known as computer maintenance, are the paid professional services that an organization assigns to paid service provider (MSP) usually based on contracts signed between the two parties. This allows businesses to keep a happy IT environment without having to worry about the day to day issues that computers face. There are many types of computer support and services offered for businesses ranging from general computer support to specific needs of each type of business. These services usually require training on how to work with a computer system.

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Computer technical support can range from troubleshooting problems in a computer to building custom software or hardware systems. In addition, computer support technicians are also called upon to set up networks, configure networks, install software, develop new products or provide advice to business owners on how to best maintain their computer networks. Other computer support and services include application support, management of email systems, web hosting services and data recovery services. Some companies also offer help desk services and data recovery services, which are basically additional support options provided by an original or third party company to solve a computer problem.

The computer services provided through managed services may range from troubleshooting problems in individual computers to complete installation of a specific computer software or hardware. For small business firms, small office computer services such as computer support technicians are usually hired on a contract basis to solve minor problems that the firm encounters. However, for larger office firms, they may need to hire one technician per computer in the office. On top of that, many large corporations also hire large numbers of technicians to deal with issues that occur in their entire organization.

Onsite Technical Support Services: Onsite technical support technicians are typically employed by large computer firms such as Microsoft or Cisco. These firms assign technicians to certain locations in their office or branch offices to handle calls regarding technical issues of a specific type. A typical advantage of onsite technician support is that the technician can access the core business server immediately after completing his work, instead of having to wait for the next available technician in the office to get online.

Onsite managed services differ greatly from managed support services provided by computer firms. For onsite tech support, the technician will visit your desk to personally diagnose your computer system. He will assess your hardware and software setup and determine how to repair any computer related issues you might be facing. Most onsite support services offered by computer support firms are provided twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Onsite managed computer support services offered by managed support services providers include remote diagnosis, which means that the technician will be able to access your computer from any location, provided that the connection is reliable. Technicians working with managed support services also provide onsite, remote repair, which means that they can repair your PC in the convenience of your home without having to make an extra stop at the office. The other major advantage of onsite technician support is that technicians working with managed services will have access to all types of support tools such as the Microsoft support tool, Error Fix, PC Tools, PC diagnostic tools and many more. The major drawback of onsite technician support services is that you will not receive any additional support tools or upgrades from them and the support time may be limited to local hours only.