Implantable Birth Control For A Contraceptive That Works

If you are a woman and are interested in using some type of contraceptives, then the implantable birth control methods are your best option. These types of contraceptives are very effective for the prevention of pregnancy and are also being very tolerated by women who use them. It was reported through studies that were conducted on women, found that four out of five were very well satisfied with this type of birth control method.

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One of the most common side effects from the use of this method is irregular menstrual bleeding along with periods that increased with the duration of its usage. The menstrual disturbances are known to be very common, and in most situations this is explained to women before they decide on using this type of contraceptive.

These implants are much like a fan like arrangement and are the size of a match stick. They are made of silicone rods and contain the hormone, known as levonorgestrel, which is also an active ingredient that is found in oral contraceptives. These rods are inserted right beneath the skin of the inner arm right above the elbow. The rods release this hormone right into the users blood stream. These method is known to be more than 98 percent effective in women who weigh less than 160 pounds.

One other device is the intrauterine and this is a foreign body that basically is made of non reactive plastic material and is inserted right into the uterus of the woman for the purpose of protection of pregnancy. There are other devices that use active chemicals like progesterone or even copper that will slowly release locally to help the efficiency. This method achieves the birth control effects by preventing any new human life by implanting inside the lining of the uterus.

It was not that long ago that the FDA approved of implanon, the match stick size device that delivers a more steady dosage of progestin, which is known to be good for about three years. This can be inserted by the doctor right under the upper arm and also this can be removed at any time the woman chooses to have it removed.

The rod system for this implanon was designed to help minimize any risk of removal problems that may plagued any of the first implantable contraceptives that were ever used in America. There is also a two rod device that is now being used outside the United States. Through a new research of these implantable methods were being found to be very effective for the women who use them for the purpose of preventing pregnancy.

These implantable contraceptives are only one of these several new non pill choices that are now available for all women to opt for when they want to protect themselves from becoming pregnant. These devices now join the several inject able contraceptives patch, the progestin releasing vaginal ring, and the intrauterine device.

The more methods there are, the more women will find the ones that are greater for them as an individual, as one birth control device is not always the best for every woman, so the more options, then the more greater the chances are that every woman will find one that works best for them.