How Much Are Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Colors Worth?

How much are Annie Sloan chalk paint colors actually worth? This question has been on everyone’s lips since the launch of the new line of celebrity-approved art work. Sloan chalk is now a permanent fixture in the average American artist’s home, as well as a hot commodity for anyone who wants to dabble. Can you really blame people for wanting it so bad? The first time I saw the chalkboard design I instantly felt that this was the next big thing in wall art, and even though I am not exactly an expert in the fine arts, I could feel the excitement building as I envision the endless number of uses that this product would see.

people pick ann sloan chalk paint colors

So how much are Annie Sloan chalk paint colors worth to you? If you are planning on doing any painting with it, then you will have to figure out your budget and whether or not you are going to cover the materials or if you are going to buy the whole kit. If you choose to buy the whole kit, you will definitely have to spend more because this type of paint is quite expensive. There is a reason for the price though: It’s a high-quality product that can last a lifetime if properly cared for.

When it comes to choosing the colors, I recommend you go with traditional shades like brown and white. These two colors complement each other well, and they also look nice when complimented by different shades of chalk. You can also use other colors but they may look strange like purple or even bright yellow. As long as you stick to chalkboard paint and not actual chalk, you won’t go wrong.