When you arrive at the casting studio, remember to be courteous

If you’re in a film or television production, preparing for your acting audition can be a crucial step towards landing the role. Casting directors are not accustomed to dealing with long-winded, unfocused individuals, so if you can show some friendly and open-mindedness, it can go a long way. Fortunately, Expression City offers coaching in the art of acting. Follow these tips to be well-prepared for your next acting audition.

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When you arrive at the casting studio, remember to be courteous and cordial to everyone. Be polite to the receptionists, as they will give you the script and contact sheets. Occasionally, a director may lose contact sheets, so don’t be offended if you’re asked to change your delivery or performance. In rare instances, a casting director might not like the way you’ve taken the lines, and that might throw them off.

While preparing for an acting audition, don’t forget to read the script or pilot. You’ll be given only a few days to study the character, and casting directors expect you to show them what you know. During an audition, you’ll need to be able to speak confidently and focus on the script. If you’re auditioning for a TV show, make sure to read the script before the audition. This will show you’ve studied the show and have prepared a script. This way, you’ll know how to look up in the script and make facial expressions that suit the role.

When preparing for an acting audition, be prepared to prepare a number of scenes. Some auditions require a reading partner or taped audition. A scene may consist of a one to three page monologue, character description, song, or cue cards. You may also be asked to change characters as a result of casting director’s feedback. The audition is your chance to prove yourself and show your potential. It’s also a great way to get your foot in the door of an acting studio.

If you’re new to film, getting involved with the film department at your school is a great way to get involved in the film industry. While these roles won’t pay well, they will give you an opportunity to hone your skills, learn filmmaking, and possibly land a speaking role. Don’t forget to submit your audition early, as casting directors often watch as they come in. This increases your chances of getting noticed by casting directors.

In addition to reading from a script, actors should try not to improvise and stick to their lines. This is the best way to focus and stay in character. However, you should be aware that casting directors may expect actors to deliver certain lines in the script, so sticking to the script will make it harder for them to evaluate you. If you do manage to mess up, go for a retake. It’s always best to have more than one reading session before the casting director chooses you.

Ahead of time, make sure you have updated headshots and resumes. Also, keep updated contact information with your agent. You can always contact your agent and ask for a short meeting in his or her office. Agents enjoy chatting with actors and can help you stand out from the competition. If you have an agent or a casting director, they’ll be more likely to see your new material. A quick follow-up can make all the difference in securing a role.