What Are the Pros and Cons of Hammock With Bug Netting?

People love hammocks, whether they love the way they feel, the relaxation they give or the many styles they come in. But as I sit here watching the kids swinging on their second hammock in a row I can’t help but think about just how much more convenient it would be if we had a hammock with bug netting. I’m not the only one who thinks this either; hammock manufacturers such as Black Pine and Hatteras are now coming out with hammock with bug netting so that you don’t have to leave your cushions and bedding at home when you go camping.

sleeping bag hammocks

hammock with netting has many benefits over the alternative hammocks (such as the traditional hammock with rope or webbing). Firstly, these hammocks with netting are very easily packed up and are very easy to transport from camp to camp. They also offer the advantage of no sharp ends or hammocks getting in your eyes, making for a much more relaxing sleep. But what the cons do outweigh the pros on many counts, such is the fact that these hammocks tend to be a little more prone to catching on things such as fishing line and other items that may be in the campground.

There are some cordless alternatives to the bug net hammocks such as the mosquito net hammocks; they offer the same comfort and convenience but without the possibility of snags. The mosquito net hammocks are also cheaper than the corded hammocks and also much easier to take down. So if you’re looking for a cheap alternative, the cordless mosquitoes might be for you. Also, if you’re looking for something more romantic then try the cordless corduroy hammocks; although these are not as comfortable as the net hammocks, you will definitely get an intimate feeling with them.