To be able to enjoy a Scuba diving experience you must be a lover

It is a common belief that we should take up the sport when we’re young, because your body’s tissues are tolerant to bumps and bruises that may be inflicted on us as we begin to learn the sport of our choice. This is certainly true to a certain degree.

Scuba dive on Maui

For instance, I have my experiences with windsurfing. I started learning the sport at age 26 years old. If I had to learn the sport at 42, I’d not be able to do much and most likely give up after just a couple of tries. It was like fighting with all forces at the same at the same time! This is about balancing over choppy waves with slippery wet boards while managing a sail that is heavier than your body, in the exact direction you wish to go.In the course of my learning I shed blood and even flesh from injuries to barnacles, and bruises caused by hitting the surfboard several times before plunging into the water.

However, there is a significant distinction between scuba diving and other forms of diving. There is no age limit to start learning SCUBA DIVING. I cannot stress this enough. I began Scuba diving at the age of 38. Although I’m not saying 38 is a good age, but your body may feel less strong and less durable. Additionally as we age and become more vulnerable, we tend to be more anxious. We may feel that we’re more at risk in the event that something happens to us.

I would say that middle age and above shouldn’t be the only factor to consider when learning about Scuba diving however you require these qualifications:

1.) an intense passion for the ocean

2.) an openness to study with someone less experienced than you.

3.) fairly healthy and, lastly, but extremely important

4.) Time and Money

It’s my assumption that you’re considering getting into scuba diving as you’d like to make this something you take part in every weekend, If time and finances permit instead of just learning to improve your education.

A Passionate Love for the Sea

To be able to enjoy a Scuba diving experience you must be a lover of the sea, and I’m talking about really loving it and all of its amazing creatures, both small and large. You’ll be able to understand what I am talking about when you go when you go on your first diving experience once you’ve passed all of your Open Water tests.

It is not likely that the scuba diving friends you meet during your first dive trip are the same as the ones you met during your scuba diving class. Due to time and budget limitations, you’ll find that you are the only one who’s keen enough to sign up for the scuba diving adventure shortly after completing the certificate.

Most of the time your dive buddies are a group of divers who do at least four dives per day and another one at night. This means that , on an scuba diving excursion the majority of times, you’ll only dive, chat about the marine life and the experiences that you encounter on each dive, and then getting ready for the next dive. If you are looking to dive for a single day and then spend the day shopping or go to the mall, they may be disappointed since many of the best diving destinations have a few of these entertainment and shopping facilities.

If you’re feeling stressed from thinking about this, don’t worry. Every newbie scuba diver has to go through this. Keep the mindset of a beginner, be humble, and you will discover that the experienced divers are always willing to share their tips and even assist you to prepare for diving.

The Willingness to Learn from someone who is younger than you.

Your instructor for scuba diving will likely be who is younger than you. Divers with a bad attitude may have a personality and are self-confident, and you’ll need to bear it for at least three weekends before you can become certified. The first weekend is to study and learn 2nd weekend for pool training and the 3rd weekend to take the actual open water test. Set aside your pride and accept it and it will pay off at the end of the day.

However, that’s not to suggest that there aren’t any decent and caring Scuba diving instructors in the. I was blessed to have instruction from PC who was a very patient and patient instructor who, without whom my dive learning experience wouldn’t have been so smooth and enjoyable.