The South Coast of Heraklion’s Regional Unit is a paradise

There are many things you can do when planning your holiday in Crete. There are numerous ancient ruins that date back to the Roman and Hellenistic period. It is worth looking into the island’s rich history. There are sites dating back to the Venetians. Ottomans. and Byzantine periods. You will find this fascinating, so be sure to take the time to visit museums or ancient settlements. The most beautiful beaches on the island’s southern coast are found in the clear waters of Libyan sea.

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Crete’s interior is rich in fertile soil which sustains much of the country‚Äôs agricultural activity. You will also find charming villages with whitewashed buildings and narrow streets. Crete has good roads, making it easy to travel from one place or another. A drive from the northern to the southern coast of Crete is a great way to see the whole island. It is a great way of seeing the beautiful island’s landscape.

Crete is home to a wide range of nature. Carey Beach, for instance, is named after Joni Mitch song. The Botanical Park & Gardens of Crete is another option. This open space covers 20 hectares and is home to many exotic and native species. There are 150 kinds of medicinal and fruit trees. The ancient fortress can be visited and you can explore the surrounding areas to see what else Crete has.

Crete also has the museum of Heraklion. This museum contains a unique collection that spans five thousand year of the island’s past. You can also view the Minoan Tribe, which was the home of the Minoan King Sarpedon. While there are no new buildings in the museum, visitors can still see jewelry, weapons and other interesting items from the Minoan era.

The South Coast of Heraklion’s Regional Unit is a paradise to beach lovers. Matala beach is one the island’s most famous beaches. It was also home to a hippie group in the 1960s. You can choose to enjoy the beach or go to an archeological site. A short hike will take you to Red Beach and the second-most important Minoan palace.

The famous Spinalonga is a must-see in Crete. Spinalonga is the home of the ruins a Venetian castle as well as a Leper colony. Elounda offers tourist boats that take you to this island. EUR8 per person covers the entrance fee. You can also stop by a Taverna for a quick meal or some authentic local food while you are there.

Heraklion is the capital of the island and is a popular cultural and historical attraction. It was once the site of an ancient Minoan civilisation. There are beautiful churches on the island. Children and adults alike will love the nearby beaches that offer sailing, rock climbing and horseback riding. Afternoons are full of activities, so you can enjoy the beach or any of the many other activities on the island.