The Basics of Air Conditioner Maintenance

If your AC unit is starting to run hot, it is time to have it serviced. The first step to AC maintenance is cleaning the condenser. Remove the condenser filter to ensure that it is clean. You should also check the fins of the condenser. Most of the debris will get stuck on these fins, but you can use a rough paint brush to remove the gunk. If you see any bent fins or rust, you can clean them with a vacuum cleaner’s brush attachment.

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One of the most critical parts of an air conditioner is the condenser, which typically resides outside. It may also be in an attic or garage. Copper tubes run from the condenser to the house, which is covered in a foam layer. The condenser works by transferring heat, cooling the blown-in air and pulling warm air out of the home. The condenser needs regular service in order to be effective.

The technician will turn off the AC and open it. He will clean any visible dirt with a broom. He will spray the coils with a special cleaner and allow them to soak for 15 minutes. He will check the coils for leaks and damage. If there is a leak, a rot-resistant shim will be used. The technician will clean all of the components and parts of the system. If any parts need to be replaced, this can be fixed during the maintenance visit.

If you have a central air conditioning system, you should check the ductwork for leaks and clean it regularly. The airflow from your air conditioner will be more efficient if the ductwork isn’t obstructed. The indoor evaporator coils should be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth every couple of weeks. This will prevent the evaporator from losing its cooling capacity.

Keeping the AC serviced regularly will keep it running at its peak efficiency. Having the system serviced will also help the system run as efficiently as possible. This means that your air conditioning will not have to work as hard to maintain a comfortable environment. Additionally, regular service will catch small problems before they become major ones. This can be done at the same time as repairing a broken part. If you are using a central air conditioning unit, you should make sure that the ductwork is airtight and not blocked.

Having your air conditioner serviced regularly will help your HVAC unit run at peak performance. It will be more efficient, which will lower your energy bills. If your air conditioning system is working efficiently, it will stay cool even during the hottest summers. If you don’t have the budget for regular maintenance, you can also call a trained technician to check it for you. These technicians will inspect the internal components of your system, check the filter, and charge it as needed. Then, they’ll clean the entire unit, and if necessary, clear the drain.