Presentation Design Tips – Visuals That Stand Out From the Crowd

Presentation design is the visual language of a marketing presentation. Whether your marketing is for an upcoming event, or your latest product or service, presentation design says a lot about you and your business. Like all communication, presentation design should be clear, concise, and easy to understand. In this article we’ll explore the basics of presentation design, and share some tips for making yours stand out from the crowd.

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Most importantly, the visual language of your presentation design should communicate what your business is all about. You know the kind: long slides filled with text, twice as long as they have to be. No visuals in sight, just a bunch of stuff you’ve probably forgotten before the end of the day. Instead, identify one central message to center your presentation design on.

For most businesses, visuals are critical to get audiences excited about your offerings. If you’re using PowerPoint for your marketing, use the same basic strategy for your presentations–cut to the chase. Visuals are distracting, and many people turn away from slides that offer little visual stimulation. However, if you choose to focus on visuals at presentation design conferences, offer a handful of engaging examples of visuals that support the main point–inspiring, persuasive examples that help your audiences understand your key messages and get excited about them.