Nuclear Power Institute Offers Mechanical Operator Training And Certification

The Nuclear Power Institute has developed a four-step process that provides hands-on learning through simulation. The course is broken down into core, foundation, and operations. A core course provides the skills to safely operate any type of Nuclear Reactor. The foundation course provides skills to operate various systems that support the core and allows for more efficiently using the same. Operations includes processes associated with the design and installation of Nuclear Reactors, maintaining safety, maintaining safe levels of operation, emergency procedures, and decommissioning.

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To be a successful mechanical operator training student, you will need to complete the core course, which is broken down into core, foundation, and operations. You can choose to take the course on-site at the NRC or complete it through the use of an online course. Upon completion, you will be provided with the clinical experience needed to successfully complete the course and obtain your CNA certification. The online course is broken down in six modules, which include Nuclear Reactors Fundamentals, Foundations of Nuclear Power, Medical Equipment and Safety, Process Improvement for Nuclear Operators, Foundations and Maintenance, and CNA Training and Certification. You will have the opportunity to take an exam to fulfill your CE certificate, which is based on the clinical portion of the course.

There are a variety of job opportunities for graduates of this program, which includes nuclear propulsion plant operators, nuclear waste containment technicians, and nuclear plant engineers. Many prospective students opt to become instructors at local schools and hospitals to further their education while gaining experience. You can contact the Nuclear Power Institute for more information on mechanical operator training.