Locksmith Technician: All About Lock Rekeying and Related Procedures

Locksmith is an important skill needed by most homeowners and business organizations. Locksmiths are the experts who provide the capability to open locked doors, safes, and other securely enclosed areas. There are different types of Locksmiths including residential, commercial, fleet, emergency, and automotive Locksmith services. Locksmith is an art and science of creating and defeating various types of locks. Locksmiths can provide emergency lockouts, repairing, creating keyed and non-keyed safes, duplicating keys, making and installing locks, and providing security services.

Locksmiths use a variety of tools and equipment to provide services. Locksmiths provide simple and sophisticated locksmith services for commercial, residential, and automotive customers. They provide quality key duplication, access control, and related products and services. Locksmiths provide solutions for client needs of high security applications such as keyless entry, remote locks, access control, and auto locks. Locksmith services are provided on an on premises or off premise basis.

Commercial locksmiths ensure the proper functioning of businesses. They carry out tasks such as opening locked doors, starting and stopping machines, resetting fire alarms, opening doors and other restricted areas, opening accounts and changing existing keys. A locksmith may also be hired to repair existing locks and install new ones. For residential clients, a qualified technician can install new locks and make adjustments to existing deadbolts and padlocks.

The field of Locksmith services is highly competitive. Many Locksmiths offer a complete lock inventory, including deadbolts, cylinder locks, keyed and non-keyed, and key systems. Locksmiths also specialize in a particular segment of locksmithing. A Commercial locksmith will usually be employed by large businesses, like car manufacturers and banks, to install and repair commercial locks and doors. A Residential locksmith would be employed by homeowners, such as apartment management companies and mortgage brokers, to install and repair for home and business locks.

Technicians who work with cars will be responsible for installing, repairing, and maintaining automotive locks. Locksmiths who work with home and personal property will be responsible for installing and repairing locks on residential and commercial properties. In the case of a death, a licensed Locksmith will be called to handle the post-mortem paperwork.

The processes involved in lock rekeying vary depending on the type of lock, the location, and the amount of time the locksmith has to complete the job. Some keys may have to be cut and modified in order to fit into the lock mechanism. Others may need to be refilled with new keys. Other than that, a typical locksmith technician will be able to provide the necessary service for most types of door and window locks.