Kayaking is one of the most relaxing and cost effective ways

Kayaking is one of the most relaxing and cost effective ways to get around a large body of water. Kayaks are manufactured for both single and multiple passengers, and boats range in size from motorboats to kayaks for people on a budget, to luxury yachts for boating enthusiasts. As an internet based travel agency, we specialize in the sale of kayak accessories and equipment to help our clients find the best kayak for their needs.

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A kayak can fit into any niche of our travel services, but for our clients it is usually a good idea to consider the market before choosing a product or company. We have helped thousands of clients set up their own business model by creating a customized web site that features kayak products and accessories to match individual requirements. Here are some ideas of what type of site our clients should use to find the right kayak:

o Kayaks for one or multiple passengers. This category includes motorized kayaks, inflatable kayaks, and sit on top travel vessels. An example of a business model in this category is the Sea Kayak Company, which provides all-inclusive travel information products and information on kayak tours.

o Kayaks for more than one person. This category is made up mostly of inflatable kayaks with a single passenger. An example of a company in this category is the Personal Travel Services, Inc., which operates three types of kayak entities – PTS, PTR, and PTE. An example of a website in this category is TriathlonX, which offers basic economy and deluxe economy charters.

o Rentals. Kayak rental cars can be found in just about every neighborhood. These businesses are not unlike the typical car rental agencies. However, the business model goes one step further by involving both the consumer and the supplier in the rental process (usually the rental car company).

For a third-party booking site to earn its keep in this niche, it must offer basic but interesting information on kayak travel, equipment, guides, and other services. It has to have its own website in addition to its normal business operations. Therefore, a ” Kayak for One” or ” Kayak For Multiple Passengers” entity may exist in addition to a ” Kayak For Single Passengers” entity. In addition, the “Rentals” entity could operate in a similar fashion to a car agency, selling package deals and discount rates for group travels.