Introduction to Landscaping

Landscaping is the transformation of a piece of land. It is often done with the aim of improving the aesthetic value of the land and / or improving its functionality. Usually, it’s done by replacing existing vegetation with new ones (some plants, trees etc) and other landscape activities such as building, adding roads and / or parking. Landscaping can be done on small scale as well as on large scale. On a large scale, like in case of national parks, landscaping is extensively practiced because the landscape provides an ideal visual for human visitors to observe the beautiful scenery.

Landscaping mainly refers to any physical action that changes the physical characteristics of a given area of land, such as the following: slope, line, form, color, texture, vegetation, height etc. In addition to these physical characteristics, landscaping also includes the values of beauty, performance, resilience, maintenance, and usability of the landscape. Landscaping is not only limited to aesthetics. The idea behind landscaping is to integrate natural and artificial resources in such a way as to enhance the ecological or livability of the land and / or improve its performance as a resource. Therefore, landscaping involves the use of various technologies such as water systems, erosion control, and lighting, soil management, etc., and the physical layout of the site is altered to accommodate such technologies.

Landscaping can help you make the best utilization of outdoor spaces and thus increase your property’s market value. Also, landscaping is known to improve the aesthetic appeal of the landscape thereby increasing the property’s resale value. Thus landscaping is a very important activity which requires adequate planning and appropriate investment in equipment. Landscaping can be achieved through low-maintenance gardening methods such as organic gardening and landscape maintenance, low-maintenance lawn care methods including landscape irrigation, using appropriate materials and creating walkways, planting trees, and using appropriate plants.