How to Make a Green Salad Into a Wedge Salad

How to Make a Green Salad is very easy. You just need to find the freshest greens possible, slice them finely, and mix them together in a salad bowl. The greens should not be wilted or limp. Be careful when you are washing the greens because wilted greens are very bitter. There is a simple secret that I use almost every time, and that secret is dressing the greens before you place them in the salad.

Salads don’t always have to be boring vegetables and greens. There are many tasty recipes out there that can be adjusted to make a main dish that has a lot of flavor and is different than what you might be used to. How to Make a Green Salad into a main dish is very easy, and you will quickly realize that you will be looking forward to having this particular salad at least once a week. If the taste of it makes your mouth water, then chances are good that other guests that eat it are also going to be equally impressed with the dish.


How to Make a Green Salad into a Wedge Salad is almost as easy as making a regular salad. The only difference between these two recipes is the filling which you use. In the first recipe you take regular cabbage and romaine lettuce and thinly slice them, leaving them about one inch square in size. In the second recipe, you use iceberg lettuce instead of romaine. Just be sure that you do not use too much iceberg lettuce because you want the vegetables to have a crunch to them instead of being limp and flavorless. Mix the contents of both recipes together until they are the consistency of one large salad.