Garden Supply – bunker rakes

When I first heard about bunker rakes I assumed they were some kind of medieval tool that people used to torture people in medieval times. In actuality, bunker rakes are a type of lawn rake that has a flat face and is primarily used for digging and moving earth. They are ideal for landscaping and can help to keep lawns clear. If you want to buy one, you need to know what you are looking for. Read this article for some helpful information.

There have been many uses for bunker rakes, not just for landscapers. One is Pine Valley, New Jersey. There haven’t been many new bunker rakes in that part of New Jersey since World War II. The last one was the local course at Bellport, off the South Shore of Long Island.

john deere bunker rakes

Other names for them include: sand traps, golf sod removers, and yard machine cleaners. They also may be called: rake & rake, push & pull, hoe & pull, bucket & rake, sand & dirt, & bucket & sand. No matter what you call them they all do the same job: They make your lawn look better and help you move the sand out of your yard. bunker rakes are just the perfect addition to any landscaping or home course.