Firefighting Nozzle With No Back Pressure – A Technological Breakthrough

Have you ever heard of a hand held firefighting nozzle with no back pressure? Well, the zero back pressure technology for firefighting nozzle is here with us now, it has to stay to enable us to upgrade our firefighting capability and to get rid off the constraints that the conventional firefighting nozzle had been facing since its inception. One of these constraints, is the manual usage of firemen on bigger diameters which is not possible for conventional firefighting nozzle because of the uncontrollable effect of back pressure that it has brought in. Firemen are usually confined only to using not bigger than 2.5 inch diameter of conventional firefighting nozzle due to safety concern and the difficulty to contain the back pressure manually. It usually took four men to control a 2.5 inch at 250 psi conventional firefighting nozzle. With this new technology at hand, the firefighting industry could now be able to reduce their manpower requirement by more than half than what they normally require. Not only that, this could be also advantageous to communities, volunteer fire department and areas with limited firefighting resources.

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The technology itself helps eliminate fireman’s greatest concern of a hose and nozzle whipping action that is usually difficult to control and most importantly it can be lethal to anyone’s own personal safety. With the no back pressure technology, a nozzle can be dropped on the floor at 250 psi and it will simply lay there without movement. It is really a sigh of relief to most of the fireman, who no longer have to exert so much energy in countering and getting hold against back pressure, instead they could be able to reserve their energy by maintaining their position and effectiveness for a longer period of time in putting off fires. Among the handicaps of conventional firefighting nozzle, the bigger the diameter the greater the back pressure is, hence it has to be mounted on a firm ground or a rigid foundation to leverage the back pressure it has to contain. With the new technology, it has revolutionize the perception of what firefighting nozzle can do beyond of what has been only known in conventional.

In its safety aspect, the new technology has emancipated from risky to a risk free and firefighting friendly equipment. It does not need to be mounted and anchored on a firetruck or a stationary foundation in order to be effective in its usage. With back pressure eliminated it can now be held as a portable firefighting equipment by anyone that can now be able to access areas where firetrucks barely can’t do. Small fire boats that is used in putting off ship’s fires can now suck water directly from the sea and shoot a big stream with high pressure pumps without even to worry of rocking the boat. It is believed, however, that the potential applications of this technology does not end with fighting fires but its usefulness goes beyond of what has not yet perceived by us for the moment.

Herewith. are some amazing information about the features and benefits of this new technology to wit:

a) The firefighting nozzle with no back pressure has been designed to atomize water into a very fine particles, it has a surface area capable of absorbing up to a hundred times more heat than the normal stream of water used for fighting fires through instantaneous conversion to steam, this expanded surface can suck the heat out of a fire so quick that fires are normally extinguish faster with less water compared to that of conventional nozzle with back pressure.

b) Since the fires are extinguish quicker with less water, damage from fire, water and smoke is greatly reduced. The quick conversion to steam reduces the smoke and suck it up upward on the top of the room leaving the bottom part visually open which can be a big lift in rescue and retrieval operations.

c) The stream of water emitted from the nozzle is so “soft” that it does not tear up or damage as what it did and has done to with conventional nozzles.

d) The amount of water required in putting out the fire has drastically reduced and in so doing, it also prevent from further damage due to excess water in the building.

e) The firefighting nozzle without back pressure as a product, is cheaper to produce compared to conventional, it has no moving parts, thus there is little to no maintenance required.

f) In firefighting nozzle without back pressure, it has such a highly cooling effect that fire fighter’s can work closer to the fire safely, which increase chances of rescuing fire victims.

g) It can be used with any type of material to produce foam. During tests, it has exceeded the quantity and the quality of most foaming equipment that is available in the market today. Tests conducted in fire departments across the US with FXA foaming material used, they had not been able to reignite the fires once they were put out.

h) Lastly, there’s a lot of benefits that can be derived from this new technology economically, but the safety factor breakthrough outweigh the economic benefits.