Famous Spanish Inventors

If you are looking for a list of famous Spanish inventors, then the Internet might be able to help. In the United States alone there are several well-known and not so famous Spanish-speaking inventors who have contributed to science and technology. Some of these names are Ramon Govea, who were a physiologist; Leonora Matrona, an engineer; and Solavar Alaverdi, a mathematics professor. Each of these individuals was able to create something that helped improve upon technology, both in the United States and around the world. Here is a look at some of the most important names from the Spanish language, who had profound impacts upon science and the culture in general.

When people think of Fray Juan Parra (or Francisco), they might bring up his famous quote that reads: “Treat people like dogs, and they will behave like humans.” This gentleman certainly did treat people well, and the phrase was not coined by him, but he did adopt it for his benefit. Parra’s a true statement, which was originally put forth in his book, The Discarded Leaves of the Sun, is “The true man strives to understand the nature and use the gifts nature has provided.” There are many who would disagree with his quote, but few would deny that his work did indeed benefit humanity.

If people in general can accept the fact that there are limits to what human beings can do, then we have solved half of the problem. However, many are not willing to bend their minds to such a degree. As a result, we need other ways to determine and recognize those who are genuinely talented, and who are capable of discovering and innovating new things. The people listed above are just a few of the many Spanish-born individuals who truly invented things like the electric wheelbarrow, or the automatic textile machine.

One could list, in this same category, all of the people who devised the modern steamboat. While there were many more individuals who came up with the idea than being able to implement their ideas, the majority of them made it to the final stage and became real live machines. Some of these great inventions we celebrate today. Others we know about only from the movies or historical information.


The real beauty of all of these inventions, of course, is that many were born out of someone’s creativity. As children, many of us are shown many of these fantastic stories, where some person sees a problem, or idea, and immediately begins to solve it. In many cases, it takes someone who is already successful, but with an extraordinary set of mind-eye coordination, to think up these things.

There are many more names of Spanish-born innovators that you might want to learn about. As mentioned above, most if not all of them are remembered for their achievements in their field. We will never be able to label them as being so successful and famous without the help of their inventions. Spanish-speaking countries are home to many of these great people, and this just proves how strong and widespread their culture is throughout the world. What they did and what they built is invaluable, and their work will always be appreciated.