Executive Protection With a Security Driver

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, there are plenty of ways that you can contact a security driver while on transit. With just one phone call, a qualified, bonded security driver can transport an affluent, fully-insured luxury car to anywhere in the world within just minutes. These services can even offer this same service to you thanks to the wide network of licensed transportation agencies throughout the country…

Security agents have traditionally been employed by large companies and corporations to protect their clients and assets. They work side-by-side with security personnel and police officers to ensure that their clients’ property is well-protected at all times. As security services have evolved over the years, however, the types of vehicles used for bodyguard protection have also changed. Early security protection agencies employed Hummers, mini buses, limos, SUVs, and sedans… some of the largest and most expensive automobiles available on the market today. But these vehicles aren’t what they use anymore.

Today’s security services employ the newest, most up-to-date vehicles on the market, such as the Ford Mustang, Cadillac Escalade and Mercedes-Benz S-Class. All of these cars are equipped with top of the line security features designed to protect your loved ones, property, or yourself. In fact, many of the new cars and trucks on the market today offer high-tech bodyguard features, including automatic seatbelts, bulletproof windows, G-suits, Kevlar helmets, steel restraint harnesses and more. They even have bulletproof backpacks and hard-hitting side bumpers to protect you in case of an unfortunate collision. A bulletproof vest can stop a bullet, providing immediate protection from serious injury. For extra peace of mind, many security services also carry stun guns and pepper spray, both of which can be utilized in a number of very specific scenarios, depending on the level of threat.

The goal of a security driver is not only to deter crime, but to help their clients and others in situations where protection is needed. The goal of a security guard isn’t just to arrive on the scene of an accident with the quickest possible help, but to do so safely. Many people question the value of having a bodyguard present, believing that they aren’t required as much by law as a private citizen who desires personal safety. The truth is, if you are a person in a potentially risky situation, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. By choosing to hire a professional bodyguard, you’ll be providing a trusted resource that is ready to act in a situation that could expose you to injury.

Although the law requires private vehicle drivers to have proper training and licensing, there are still ways to provide the highest levels of security while driving in a potentially unsafe situation. Bodyguard companies know that it’s important to keep employees and contractors safe by using the best driving techniques for the job, so they regularly test their drivers with various driving techniques and driving courses. With a reliable security driver on your team, you can be confident that you’re working with someone who has taken the time to learn the safest driving practices, because a qualified executive protection driver is well-trained and able to provide you with the highest level of personal protection.

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When it comes to securing your business and your employees’ safety, hiring a dependable, responsible, and trained professional to provide executive protection is the best solution available. Securing the roadways for your clients and your own peace of mind is important, so it’s essential that you find a qualified, trustworthy vehicle chauffeur that will provide you with the transportation you need. Hiring security drivers for your vehicle means you won’t have to worry about whether or not the vehicle you select is properly insured bonded and insured or properly trained. You will also know that the person driving your ride is licensed and trained in proper driving techniques, so you can rest easy knowing you’ll be traveling in a safe, reliable vehicle that will provide you with the protection you need. With a reliable and trusted bodyguard on board, you can be confident that you are working with the most reliable security drivers available.