Everyone enjoys the thrill of a treasure hunt

It was evident as children we were able to take part at treasure hunts often regardless of whether they were one that our parents had made for us, or at birthday parties or with school events. I can remember when I was younger, Santa Claus would always leave a present for us to find and give us clues to discover it. It was a great experience and was often the most valuable and important present that was kept hidden. What a treasure to discover! As adults, it’s a lot difficult to engage in exciting and enjoyable treasure hunts, however there are some treasures available that could help those Indiana Jones wannabes.

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Geocaching is an excellent method to find treasure. Geocaching is a method of finding treasure that people place the cache, in a location called a “treasure” and give the geo coordinates of where the cache is. Typically, the cache is usually a metal box or something similar with the log book, and some writing material and also some oddities and ends. When a cache is located and is subsequently signed by the person who found it, the owner sign the log book and may remove any or more “treasures” out of the cache, and is urged to take something else from the location. Although that’s the typical description of a cache, caches may differ in size and function. Some caches are tiny such as a film or match containers. They typically have only an empty log inside and are intended to increase the thrill of hunting. Most caches are hidden in places where there is something to be seen or have a stunning view. Geocaching is certainly a way to explore the area and find treasure.

Metal detecting is a different modern-day method of treasure searching. Utilizing a metal detector you can discover all kinds of antique buttons, coins, pins and other jewelry. It’s exciting to hear the sound of the detector telling that there’s something under you, and then looking for treasure. There are many places to go metal-detecting and one of the places that can find treasure is located in old homes. In the past, people did not deposit their money in banks but they would simply bury it. Most often, they would place the money close to their homes and, often, the location would allow them to view it from their home as well as through the window of the kitchen. The other common locations were chicken coups or dog houses in which there was an “built in alarm.” Metal detecting is a fantastic way to search for genuine treasure.

A third way you can engage in modern-day treasure hunting is to join groups that organize treasure hunts. There are those who enjoy treasure hunting and organize hunts for others to take part in. Some will even pay quite a lot of cash for solving the puzzles and getting the treasure. Some require a fee to solve the clues while some offer free entry. There aren’t a lot of these groups however there are some and they can be a blast!