Do you think about changing your status

Has social media taken over your life? Are you more connected to people from all over the globe instead of just your family and acquaintances? There’s no problem when you use social media to interact with others or to promote your business, however, If you’re constantly on your social media sites constantly, you could be getting addicted. It’s not healthy. It’s not enough to be just updating your status every five minutes. Get off social media and walk out. Fresh air can be good for you!

Social Media Addiction: Symptoms to Look Out for

mental health Disorders Caused by social media

If you are frustrated when you are unable to access your social media accounts. Do you freak out whenever your accounts are offline to maintenance? If so it is possible that you are addicted. Do not worry, your favorite websites will be up and running within a matter of minutes. Make use of the time to exercise, read a book or walk around or paint or do whatever else you’d like to accomplish. It’s good for you!

You must update your status whenever you awake. If you must change your status as soon after you get up, you may be becoming addicted. The people you follow will likely be right in the event that you don’t update their status in the early morning hours. You should break out of your routine and make sure to update your status by afternoon. It’s good to change.

Do you think about changing your status? Do you sleep thinking about changing your status? Do you contemplate updating your status every day long? You should stop thinking about your social media accounts and think about what you’d like achieve in your life.

You are logged in and leave a comment on every status update. If you are logged in to your social media platforms and make sure to comment on statuses when they are posted, you might become addicted. It’s not necessary to post a post a comment every time a status update is posted.

Get your news through social media. Many people obtain their information through the internet. However, If you rely solely on social media to get news it is possible that you are becoming addicted.

Be prepared to be interrupted by social media update. Dinner was once an opportunity to sit down with loved ones and spend time with friends. No longer. If you are glued to an ‘tweet’ or status update, instead of your partner, children, or your spouse, you’re developing an addiction.

Check your website while driving. This can be dangerous. If you tweet or update other different social media accounts you’re likely to become addicted and may cause harm to yourself and your friends.

The self-worth of you is determined by the number the number of people you follow. If you’re angry that you only get 500 fans on different websites, you might develop an addiction. decide your worth based on your social media sites.

You wonder why people ask you about your weekend. If you are asked, “How was your weekend?” And you think, “I just updated my status on Facebook, haven’t you read my blog posts?” This could be a sign you’re developing a dependency.