Causes of Car Side-Impact Collisions

According to statistics, car side-impact collisions account for more than one third of all road related accidents. With every year that passes the number of car accident fatalities increase significantly. This statistic is true for both men and women and young drivers are not exempt.

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Statistics clearly show that most accidents occur close to the roads. On a daily basis, vehicles travel at speeds of up to 70 miles per hour and as a result, the probability of collision increases. Statistics also show that the risk of collision increases at night as well. This is because on dark roads, it is easier for vehicles to make contact with each other due to lack of light. In addition, on wet roads, moisture and mud can increase the friction between vehicles.

It has been established that the main cause of car accidents is the fact that vehicles do not brake properly prior to driving off. When driving on wet roads, there is a greater likelihood of vehicles clipping each other. As a result, the effects of vehicle collision can be severe. If a car crashes into a car that is in the process of changing lanes, it can cause severe damage to both cars. Another example would be if a car was in reverse and hit another car that was in the middle of the lane.

Studies have shown that up to eighty percent of car side-impact collisions occur on wet or slippery roads. In order to avoid this type of accident, all drivers must take extra care when passing other vehicles. Whenever possible it is advisable to overtaking vehicles on the right. However, this will depend on the traffic volume on the road.

Another way to avoid a collision is to make sure that a car’s mirrors are functioning properly. Mirrors help to detect other vehicles on the road, especially when they are behind you. You should also look both ways before you drive off, because looking left and right are not always correct. If you notice other vehicles following you, it is a good idea to slow down and follow them. However, you should not expect other drivers to stop for you, as they may not always have the ability to do so.

Side-impact collisions are very common, and almost everyone knows someone who has been involved in one. In most cases, the vehicles involved were poorly maintained, and there was insufficient room for the vehicles to change lanes. As a result, one car crashed into the back of the other. This is a common occurrence on rural highways where space is at a premium. In addition, vehicles that are carrying more people than usual tend to come to a screeching halt. Drivers are often unaware of other vehicles until they are upon their collision.