Can You Use AdWords and AdSense to Generate Clicks on the Internet?

Clicks Internet Marketing doesn’t address customer service concerns via Twitter as much as we know. Clicks Internet Marketing isn’t even on Twitter yet as far as this author can tell. Either that or one or all researchers determined that indeed they do not help consumers through their Twitter account.

Clicks Internet Marketing

We can look at the ClickBank affiliate network and their tracking of their affiliates and also the Google AdWords and Bing Content Network (both are huge for these types of marketing). If we are looking at the Google AdWords and Bing Content Network then there are no links from ClickBank to the affiliates’ sites or content, and the content marketers themselves have indicated that the ClickBank content is a part of their own content distribution systems and not necessarily part of their marketing strategy which would be a departure from the traditional methods we see these days. This leaves us with two less obvious choices… the first is to assume that either the ClickBank affiliate system or the Google AdWords and Bing Content Networks have nothing to do with your marketing strategy and simply use them as back-up and contingency plans when you think that the traditional marketing strategies might not work. The second choice is to adopt a different marketing strategy based on something that the two platforms have in common.

In this article we discussed the differences between the Clicks Internet Marketing Pty Ltd ads and the other Google AdWords affiliates, we looked at the value of the content distribution and established the case that one platform is superior to the other for now (the Google AdWords), but that it could change with time (as we shall see when we get to our third article in this series). For now the Clicks Internet Marketing Pty Ltd ads are the way to go. But for me and many of my Twitter followers this is just the beginning – we will need to learn a lot more about these two platforms before we can draw the conclusion that the Clicks Internet Marketing Pty Pts is the best choice. Follow the links below to subscribe to the Clicks Internet Marketing Pty Ltd email newsletter for updates.