Becoming a Personal Bodyguard

A personal bodyguard is any kind of security officer, police officer, military servicemen, or even private citizen who guards a person or a collection of people – typically high ranking public figures or members of the clergy. They are often the last line of defense between an assailant and the people they are protecting. For this reason a personal bodyguard needs to be well trained in all aspects of security and crime prevention. Bodyguards also have a variety of specialized training including crisis management, negotiations, and first aid. These are all skills that will help them to effectively protect their clients against danger and/or harm.

Personal Security Guard Cost

A lot of agencies that hire personal bodyguards offer basic security training that includes firearms training, vehicle safety, physical defense techniques, self-defense, and more. However, many personal bodyguards are also trained in martial arts and self-defense tactics. Other specializations that may be acquired include detective work, surveillance tactics, negotiation skills, and survival skills. No matter what specializations are attained, most agencies require a certification in law enforcement or a related field before a bodyguard can become a personal bodyguard. This certification is often gained through taking courses offered through community colleges and state-funded vocational schools.

Becoming a personal bodyguard does have its advantages, most notably the fact that you have an almost guaranteed opportunity for job security. The number of agencies that hire such bodyguards has also steadily increased over the years. Personal bodyguards have a number of different responsibilities when compared with other security professionals. They are typically responsible for providing security for a single person (the client) or an entire group of people (the bodyguard detail). A personal bodyguard can also be asked to escort visitors or transport someone from one place to another.