What Are Bodyguard Training And Why Is It Necessary?

Bodyguard services have become more popular in the past few years for a variety of reasons. One of the top reasons is that women want and need protection just as much as men do. However, unlike residential security or commercial security staff, bodyguard personnel have much more direct contact with their clients.

They often are also a part of a larger security staff that is always with the customer 24 hours a day. Bodyguards understand the ins and outs of their customers’ schedules and are often privy to sensitive personal and business information. Additionally, bodyguards provide a safety net in case something happens to the client while they are on the property. Some other personal protection that bodyguards provide include physical and psychological surveillance. When someone feels unsafe in a certain area, bodyguards can observe the situation and report back to the client.

Physical surveillance refers to keeping an eye on a suspect. For example, if a person is walking down the street and feels that someone is following them, a bodyguard can stop the individual and take them into custody without harming them. It is also common for bodyguards to use body cameras to observe suspicious behavior. A bodyguard may use video equipment to document license plate numbers or identifying signs. In some cases, bodyguards will follow individuals who they feel may be acting suspicious or possibly planning to commit a crime.

Another example of extra personal protection provided by a bodyguard is the armed stand off. This is when a bodyguard will station themselves in a specific area of a residential or commercial facility. They may also station themselves at a predetermined entrance. The premise owner or manager will call the armed bodyguard to help them monitor the situation. Usually an armed stand off is temporary and only lasts for a specified amount of time.

There are many other types of security services provided by a security guard. These security services include but are not limited to, surveillance, intercoms, unarmed security guards and stand offs. Each of these offers their own set of advantages as well as benefits to the property owner.

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Residential security professionals have many advantages to offer businesses and homeowners. When hiring a bodyguard, make sure you do thorough background checks and ask for references. With proper training and a history of working for a different company’s bodyguards can provide exceptional personal protection.