The ninja throwing Stars – A Real Threat To Your Life

There are many myths and misconceptions about ninja throwing stars. Many people feel that it was developed in feudal Japan and has its roots from karate and the like which is not true at all. In ninja swordsmanship, the use of throwing stars is almost obsolete, though it is still used in certain circumstances such as when fighting on foot. The reality is that a ninja’s sword was never used for anything but cutting and throwing and they would never use them to attack anyone.

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The ninja throwing stars originated during the time of the warring samurai warriors in feudal Japan. A ninjutsu (literally means “eight hidden swords”) technique, ninjutsu was originally designed to counter any enemy attack with a barrage of strikes which would overwhelm their opponents. The first ninjutsu techniques were made to counter attacks from bow and arrow warriors who were far more advanced than most samurai warriors and were well trained in using archery. Though the technique was originally made to counter attacks from other weapons, such as bows and arrows, it was quickly put to use by the ninjas as a way to surprise their opponents.

The ninja would quickly move in, throw their weapon as quickly as possible into the middle of their enemies where they would usually attack from a distance. Once they had killed their opponents, the remaining ninjas would flee back to their hiding spots to regroup and reorganize their forces once again. Since the battle was so quick and brutal, the ninjas were considered to be amongst the most fearsome warriors in feudal Japan. It is believed that they single-handedly decimated the Japanese army on several occasions. Though the ninja throwing stars are no longer used by the Japanese military, their legend lives on in the hearts and minds of those who have seen these legendary warriors fight.