PVC Tarpaulin Uses in Military Applications

The military uses PVC tarps to protect their vehicles from harsh weather conditions. Now commercial vehicle owners and business owners are following the trend by using these tarps for their own vehicle protection. They do so to protect the cab, engine, flooring and even cargo areas. The following are some of the reasons why:

The military uses pvc tarpaulin uses synthetic material parts for the roof. It’s primarily separated into three categories: outer tent fabric, inner tent fabric and ground sheet. For the outer fabric, there are now five kinds of tarps for sale: (o), nylon (nylon), polyester (polyester mix), Dacron (Dacron mixed) and Spandex (Spandex combine Nylon and Polyester). For the inner tent fabric, the most popular is vinyl because it does not collect water like polyester or nylon.

pvc tarpaulin

So how does a vehicle owner to determine which is the right material for his or her application? The manufacturer of the tent tells the user what the fabric should be composed of. In this case, it is the manufacturer who tells the owner that the right material is PVC. Another way to look at it is the level of water resistance. Tarps have excellent water resistance when they are properly installed. However, many of them lose their effectiveness after being subjected to constant exposure to water for long periods of time such as at a campground.

A military tarpaulin has two major components: the upper tarp (the plato pvc tarpaulin top sheet) and the lower part (the polyethylene air bag that installs over the upper tarp). The two parts separated by a mesh layer that is water and puncture resistant (depending on the size of the mesh). Each item has an external mesh pocket and an internal mesh pocket. The pockets are sealed to keep the contents in place and to prevent them from escaping through the small holes at the bottom of each pocket.

Some military personnel have carried small pvc bags inside their pockets and attached them to the side of their weapons or assault rifles. This allowed the bags to be fully loaded with ammunition. The bags have since been replaced with foam pit props that are similar in design but much less heavy. In the military, foam pit props are typically used as protective shields above helmets. The military version is much sturdier than the civilian foam pit.

The military has several other uses for the plato pvc tarpaulin uses as well, including protective coverings over gun magazines, optics equipment, flares and other fire-retardant material. A lightweight, breathable top sheet cover over a polyethylene airbag that is attached to the front of a backpack makes a perfect protective shield. Polyethylene acts as a flame retardant; it will not burn, mildew or melt into the air, which makes it safe to store near fire-prone materials. The backpack accessory allows extra skirts to be added to the polyethylene to create extra layers of protection.

Other military uses for the plato pvc tarpaulin uses include protecting the bottom chamber of an AEG or Desert equipped assault rifle from debris, weather and debris. Often assault rifles are transported in packs in order to avoid the weight and strain on the rear cargo areas. For added protection while transporting such military equipment, an AEG or Desert Gear stunt jump airbag can be added. The stunt jump airbag will also protect the rear cargo areas of a backpack from objects falling from above. The addition of this ventilated bottom chamber will allow for optimal airflow and effective insulation of the AEG.

The PVC foam pit stunt jump airbag can be used to add the bottom chamber of a backpack to the overall length and width of a military pack. This will allow for greater comfort and protection while transporting. Additionally, the added length will provide additional storage room for equipment that needs to be stored out of the way. These airbags also work extremely well to protect the rear cargo areas of a backpack when carrying heavier items. Using a military backpack to transport equipment, supplies and even weapons is a wise choice and one that will save both time and money.