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Curse of the Pharaohs Try to find the clues that will lead you to the missing archeologists.
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Rural Life Take a trip to the countryside to enjoy in a full day of family fun!
0 0   282
Steampunk Town Walk through the streets of this beautiful town. Search and uncover the hidden secrets.
0 0   248
Elven Village The village is hidden deep into the dark forest. Follow the clues that will lead you to this magical...
0 0   276
Secret Garden Peek inside the walls of this beautiful garden. Find all the flowers and other hidden items.
0 0   268
Trip to the Old Castle Prepare yourself for the trip. Follow the hidden clues that will lead you to the old castle.
0 0   234
Romantic House Search the rooms of this house to find all kinds of items...
0 0   303
Scary Forest Walk into this scary forest and collect different magical items.
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Spooky House 2 Step again into the spooky house. Explore this place and collect all items.
0 0   244
Far North Take a trip to the north into the nice small village...
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My Little Room Find all the objects that are hidden in this lovely room.
0 0   257
Old Library Explore this large collection of library books and manuscripts.
0 0   253
Break Free Pirate Ship You were on vacation and feel asleep on the beach. When you woke up you were on a rnpirate ship! Now...
0 0   246
Crypto Edge Escape Point and Click Puzzle Room Escape
0 0   235
Abandoned Shopping Mall Escape Shopping time, you go to a well-known shopping mall, but for some reason, you're stuck in an old sho...
0 0   235
Ancient Island Escape Mysterious and full of fantasy, that's what you imagine in a vacation to an ancient island that far...
0 0   251
Old Mine Escape You were exploring an old mine looking for treasure. You slipped and fell down a shaft. Now you must...
0 0   242
Escape From Emirates Palace Escape From Emirates Palace is another point and click new escape game developed by Escape007Games....
0 0   197
Ancient Pool Escape A perfect getaway, heading to an exotic ancient bathing pool, you enjoy the atmosphere around and ch...
0 0   242
Ancient Underground City Escape You find a strange hole on an abandoned mining area, with the curiosity you go into the hole and fin...
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